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Nature Gifts of the Soursop Leaves

What prompt me to write this e-book is that based on past months’ experience in promoting the soursop leaves benefits. I have discovered that many are unaware and confused whether to consume it or not. Last year a relative of mine had a relapse of her cancer and a friend recommended us the soursop leaves. we did an internet search and was doubtful until we met a patient who was doing chemotherapy. He said that it does reduced his tumour and subsequently we met an Indonesian family who also confirmed it. My relative started drinking it while doing chemotherapy concurrently and her cancer marker went down. This testimony prompted me to source for a supplier to reach out to more people. I am glad that to date I have reached out to many people with all sorts of chronic illnesses besides cancer

David Soh Poh Huat

The Author

David Soh Poh Huat

An Author and a Care Giver

I am not a professional writer but have a passion to write to the media LETTERS page whenever
things are not right or to give constructive feedback.

Since the passing of my father THOMAS SOH YEW CHONG in 2011 and during the journey as
his caregiver, I have discovered a lot of things which patients and caregivers are fearful to ask
and this has prompted me to write a BLOG about him after he passed away.

Likewise my late sister Journey was an experience which makes me want to really reach out to
people to let them know there is HOPE and have FAITH in their recovery process.

I am planning to write the next book on CAREGIVING.

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Nature Gifts of the Soursop Leaves


Other Book


One of my business is providing accommodation for United Arab Emirates (UAE) citizens coming to Singapore for medical treatment. This business started in 2016.

Based on my late father’s and sister’s experiences, I have a passion to share my experiences with the patients from UAE. They have trust and faith in our medical system, but as we know in this world, no one is PERFECT, not even me and only GOD is perfect. That is why I am also dedicating this book to their families as we became good friends. Some of their loved ones has also passed on. The experiences gained are invaluable.

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