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Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths annually. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the incidence of cancer rises dramatically with age, most likely due to a build-up of risks for specific cancers that increase with age. Nature Gifts of the Soursop Leaves by David Soh Poh Huat, is a book that details the amazing ways of using soursop leaves, also known as graviola leaves, to reap their health benefits such as their anti-cancer properties.

With a lot of unhealthy and artificial foods getting sold in the streets and markets, the only way to ensure one’s body is receiving the necessary nutrients is by consuming healthy products. Soursop leaves are found on the soursop fruit tree which is native to tropical regions of the Americas. Author David Soh Poh Huat looks at the nutritional value of these leaves and how to incorporate them into one’s diet.

The benefits of soursop leaves include improving gastrointestinal health, aiding in diabetes treatment – among others. The author details experiences of several patients who used soursop leaves, the time frame of their use, and the positive effects the consumption of these leaves had on them. The author advises readers to find out more facts on the internet before deciding to consume a drink made from the leaves. He is keen to mention some of the side effects of using soursop leaves but encourages readers that there has been no proven side-effect.

I enjoyed reading this informative guide. The writing is short and precise and easily makes for a fast read that doesn’t require much flipping of pages which can be time- consuming. Nature Gifts of the Soursop Leaves has clear visuals to demonstrate how the leaves are prepared and consumed. This is a resource that one can use as a reference for many years to come. I highly recommend this enlightening read to medical doctors and to anyone who wants to heal or prevent common ailments.

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Nature Gifts of the Soursop Leaves by David Soh Poh Huat is a compilation of testimonies that express the effectiveness of graviola leaves. The soursop leaves drink is meant to be beneficial to those not only with cancer but also to people who have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, eczema, backache, scalp problems, and more.

The author does a great job at explaining how to prepare the tea and what is needed to prepare the tea properly, which is also accompanied by pictures. With the combination of the testimonies and the explained benefits of the tea, which include: immunity boost, antioxidants, helps fight inflammation, etc., the tea is presented as an aid to daily life. One thing I found very important and responsible, on the part of the author, was that he didn’t shy from encouraging others from doing their own research on the tea leaves. I definitely think that, when it comes to home remedies, everyone should be doing their own research before they partake in it and this book is a fantastic resource and example of how to educate yourself.

Nature Gifts of the Soursop Leaves is an enlightening and informative book about a plant with many benefits. It provides everything a reader will need to understand this invaluable plant, prepare it properly, and enjoy its many benefits.

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